Over the course of the years I have worked on many Angular projects. Some of them were already on-going and others I had the privilege to create from the start.

In this article I want to share my approach to architecture in an Angular project, which I perfected over the years, which dictates how to structure folders & files and how to properly separate concerns for better readability, maintainability and easier writing of unit tests.

Divide files by business domain (feature)

This is a controversial topic since there are just as many opponents to this rule. …

Having worked with many Typescript projects throughout my career, there is one thing that I usually do as my first contribution to the project.
This article focuses on projects created with the Angular CLI and its default tslint.json configuration.

tslint — fix

tslint has this awesome flag called “ — fix”. It allows us to solve many codestyle issues automatically.

Following is an excerpt of tslint rules that I always add/enable on any Typescript project that I start working with.

After having added all additional tslint rules you then call

tslint — fix — project tsconfig.json

to have many lint violations fixed without…

I have been developing with Angular since it came into Beta in late 2015 and have since created a lot of web apps using it. Having come from a OOP (Java) background I immediately fell in love with its dependency injection and (Typescript’s) strong typing. But UI development has made great progress in the following years, which is why I’m starting to look at other languages.

One of the latest hyped tech is Flutter with its Dart language, which promises to be a UI-optimized language with familiar syntax. …

Alexander Ciesielski

Having started programming at the age of 11 it has been my passion ever since. I’m a fullstack developer with an eye for design and I love building UIs.

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